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Kind of folk music, rather Americanophile, with blues, gospel, soul, funk, reggae, rock ... A mixed music, leading to the sharing of a universe which is ours, made of emotional ties, ties to nature, of life… around slice of life subjects, sometimes funny and touching, or thought-provoking.
Concerts alone or accompanied (1 to 14).

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fonchild, French musician living in France.
Concerts alone or accompanied : 1 to 10 musicians, 0 to 3 technicians.

Without capital letters, "fonchild" seems to want to blend in with the crowd ...
First listening live. We hear pop, with a few simple chords on an acoustic guitar without decorative poetry.
Let's listen a little more… A few picking notes, open chords all over the neck, a warm voice, sometimes projected by rather detailed lyrics. This is another thing.
A kind of folk, with shades of blues, gospel, soul, funk, reggae, rock… A mixed music served by a singer with a shaggy beard, both discreet and in a spirit of sharing a universe that is ours, made of emotional ties, ties to nature, of life ...

Fonchild is basically an artist from Cergy, Francis, a strange creature from the end of the 70s who started out on his own. He has been tinkering with his guitar since he was a teenager and is one of those sensitive people who find a vital balance by composing and sharing his music and texts with others, by confronting them… The subjects are varied, often slices of life, sometimes funny and touching, or thought-provoking. He has occasionally surrounded himself with musicians he had met randomly during his migrations and performed a few rare concerts.

He was then joined by a few professional musicians in order to bring this sharing project to the stage, determined to go on to concerts.

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the lost concert

Just put a new song to listen : little box (live).
For the record, the entire recording was a failure, material was not recorded, years later, I had to perform technical prowess to repair it. "little box" is a piece of it.
  • fonchild
    little box (live)
  • fonchild
    same old song
  • fonchild
    here comes lilly
  • fonchild
    pull down
  • fonchild
    true blue