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fonchild is a folk music project based in Cergy, France, merging sweet-acid folk with bright pop. For fans of Damien Rice, Ben Harper and  Neil Young, fonchild covers moments of life with rhythm and subtle colors. Concerts alone or accompanied (1 to 13) Editer

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fonchild, french musician based in Cergy, France. Concerts alone or accompanied :
1 to 10 musicians, 0 to 3 technicians.
Without capital letters, fonchild seems to want to blend in…
First listening live… We hear pop, with a few simple chords, on an acoustic guitar, without embellishment.
Let’s listen more… A few plucked notes, open chords all over the neck, rhythm, subtle colors, a warm voice, sometimes projected by rather detailed texts. This is another thing…
For fans of Damien Rice, Ben Harper, John Butler Trio, or even Neil Young, fonchild sounds americanophile sweet-acid folk with luminous pop, sometimes melancholy, happily mixing with shades of blues, gospel, soul, funk, reggae, rock…
Mixed songs served by a tall man with a contagious laugh, on universal subjects, often slices of life, brought to you by texts that are sometimes funny and touching, sometimes thought-provoking, and revealing a universe that is ours, made of emotional nourishment, of links to nature, of life…
fonchild is basically an artist from Cergy, a funny creature from the end of the 70s who started alone. He has been tinkering on his guitar since he was a teenager and is one of those sensitive people who find a vital balance by composing and sharing his music and his texts with others, by confronting them…
He occasionally surrounded himself with musicians he met randomly during his migrations and gave a few rare concerts.
Today, depending on the scenes, fonchild plays alone, or in a band joined by professionals, in order to continue the concerts to share this musical project full of life.

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the lost concert

Just put a new song to listen : little box (live).
For the record, the entire recording was a failure, material was not recorded, years later, I had to perform technical prowess to repair it. "little box" is a piece of it.

Tanker - Cergy



Charlie's Corner - Nanterre


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    little box (live)
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    same old song
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    here comes lilly
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    pull down
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    true blue